Del Prado Hospital certified stem cell center is offering stem cell therapy and treatment in Tijuana Mexico

Our facilities

RP-IMG_1075This medical institution was born from the vision of its founder, Maria Luisa Riedel Betancourt, and her desire to offer the population of Baja California decent hospital care, with the technological advances of the neighboring state of California, but with affordable costs to the regional economy, always with the intention of giving a humane service, typical of our culture.

Being very young and having studied accounting, Maria Luisa Betancourt Riedel worked in the administration of the Civil Hospital of Tijuana to later found along with her husband, Dr. Gustavo Aubanel Vallejo, the Aubanel clinic back in 1947.

In September 14, 1966 what is now the Hospital Del Prado, an institution created by Maria Luisa Betancourt, opened its doors. Her work ethic and personalized service, together with the effort and tenacity in the selection of the best doctors, continues to be a role model for this Administrative Council, whose current commitment is to continue her mission of professionalism and quality in the medical service in this modern era of Hospital Del Prado Stem Cell Medical Center.

Del Prado Stem Cell Medical Center has the following rooms, all of them equipped with the latest medical technology complying with the most strict health and sanitary regulations:

  • 6 operating Rooms
    24 Private Rooms
    6 ICU’s Intensive Care Units
    Recuperating Rooms, Restaurant and more..


For Del Prado Stem Cell Center is very important to inform both the medical community and society in general that stem cell therapy it may be unsuccessful in some cases or not recommended for all patients. Must never create false expectations without clinical and research studies to support the implementation of these treatments. So we suggest you talk to your doctor before receiving treatment.